hey, I’m new here.

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I have been thinking on it, praying on it, feeling excited about it, changing my mind on it, doubting it, seeking approval for it. I have felt all the feels about this moment. I have been worried about the thoughts of others surrounding this moment… but it is not theirs but mine and so, {big inhale, and exhale}, here it is…

Photo: Fausel Imagery

Hey, I’m Meg Libous, but I more affectionately hold the title of ‘miss meg,’ so we’ll use that from here on out… and I am the face behind miss megs essentials. I am a dance studio owner, a dog mom, fluent in American Sign Language, an essential oil enthusiast, and I get to share my life with the one and only mr. miss meg.

The role of miss meg is a big and beautiful responsibility. It is both a wonderful honor and absolutely terrifying to be such an influence to so many lives, especially young ones. There are always tender hearts and impressionable minds watching…

And that’s what lead me to this, the birth of my blog, and this very special space. A space where I can share what it’s like to be miss meg with you, and probably more exciting to you, share my favorite ‘essentials’ that make me, me.

My hope for the miss megs essentials blog is to be able to share so much more than a simple social media caption can. My goal is to create content that you value regarding life, oils, dance, and all the things, while also sharing what’s on my heart, since it’s already on my sleeve.

Be sure to leave a note below and subscribe to the blog so we can keep in touch!
Thanks for being here friend!

With love,
Miss Meg

my wellness routine

Since I began my journey to wellness and started sharing the doTERRA lifestyle, the most frequently asked question I get is ‘what does your daily routine look like?’ And in this current climate, ‘what are you doing to support your body against, you know, the virus that shall not be named.’ Honestly it makes me so sad and frustrated so I like to refer to it in the same way we refer to ‘Voldermort.’ Because, relatable. So I thought it was the perfect time to share!

Let me first start by saying, I am not perfect. I will share a lot of the things that I do and TRY to do, but when it comes to food, you know your girl is always down for the occasional chicken wings and french fries. I have incredible mentors and friends alike who have shared their knowledge and habits with me that I have tried to grab hold of. So please know that I practice what I preach MOST of the time, but that’s what I love about this space and community, that I am on the journey alongside you. So I do NOT claim to know it all, or successfully do it all, all the time. That’s why it’s a journey. Just your crazy local dance teacher on a journey to live a more toxin-free life.

> I begin each morning by drinking 8-16oz of water before my feet even hit the ground (or at least before my first sip of coffee)! I take a water bottle to bed with me so it’s on the nightstand ready for me when I wake. I learned this trick from my friend Kara Swanson of Life Well Lived.
> I take one doTERRA Terrazyme + one Mito2Max with my water. This helps my body to continue digesting/cleansing from the night before, and jump starts my day with clean bioavailable energy.
> A newly added part of my routine, since March, has been taking one DDR Prime Cellular complex blend and one OnGuard+ softgel. I take these for a more elevated approach to my daily immune support.
> Balance + Rose essential oil over my heart and on the bottoms of my feet to ground my day.
> Arise + Black Spruce in the diffuser (or any of your favorite wake up blends).

Miss Meg’s Daily Immune Support

10 Frankincense
10 OnGuard
5 Arborvitae
5 Copaiba
Top with FCO


10 Frankincense
10 Lemongrass
10 OnGuard
10 Oregano
10 Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
10 Arborvitae
Top with FCO

back to the routine…

This is where I sometimes workout. Or walk my dogs. I don’t always succeed at this part, but I always feel better when I do this! I usually grab some Motivate Touch or some Breathe to help get me pumped up and keep my airways open for a great workout!

> Post shower, I swipe my immune support blend down my spine. I rotate between the following blends(I’ll share recipes below): Stronger/OnGuard, custom daily immune roller, FLOOMA.
> About 15-30 minutes after breakfast, I grab my Lifelong Vitality supplement Trio. I take another Terrazyme whole food digestive enzyme as well (one at each meal).
> I also take the following additional supplements: Mary Ruth’s Organics D3 + B12, Zinc, Turmeric dual chamber capsules.
> Fill the diffusers in the rest of the house.
> Drink my water with citrus oil of choice. I’ve been crushing on Tangerine lately.

> Second dose of my Lifelong Vitality Supplements with lunch + one more Mito2max to encourage the energy for a long night of dance ahead.
> Reapply OnGuard/Stronger touch before heading to the studio.
> Pick my afternoon blends of choice to balance my mood and emotions before work: Adaptiv, Balance, Magnolia, Passion. These are just some of my favorite blends.
> Diffuser on when I get to the studio. Onguard + Lemon, Purify, Balance.

> Evening supplements down the hatch: DDR prime softgel, OnGuard+ softgel, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, Triease softgel (allergy blend). Sometimes I will take an OnGuard throat drop to bed for extra immune boost.
> Sleep supplements, this is so important for me. One Adaptiv capsule + one Copaiba softgel. The only thing that helps calm my restless, wandering mind and allows me to sleep.
> Oils on the dogs so they sleep well, Copaiba or Adaptiv.
> Balance + Bergamot in the diffuser (or Serenity, or Vetiver + Balance).
> humidifier (new from doTERRA) on with Breathe pumping.
> same immune blends as above on my toes + spine
> TV off. I’m putting this here to remind myself that this is important…

So there it is! Sure, it seems like a lot. But my habits are stackable. My oils are out, readily available to grab. When I follow my routine, I feel like a million bucks. I have more energy, I feel more connected, grounded, relaxed. I feel prepared and I certainly feel less anxious about the environment around me. And it changes from time to time. And there are other things not included, like my nightly face routine that I only sometimes do because I am lazy… I said it. But I do what works for me!

Do you have a wellness routine? Do you have those non-negotiable things that help you feel well and at your best daily? I’d love to hear about it. And I’d love to help you create one if you haven’t just yet.

With love,

basic oil safety for pups

So you’ve heard you can use oils with your pet, but you’re a little hesitant to start? I totally understand this! After all, our fur babies are our FAMILY and we want the best for them. And we have heard the horror stories of pets and oils before right?! So why would you ever consider using them with your best pals…

Because they work. They can offer digestive relief, inflammation support, calm the nerves, and SO much more. Don’t let your fear of what you’ve heard stop you from educating yourself on the benefits that PURE doTERRA essential oils can have with your pets. doTERRA recently added a full veterinary panel to their team to help combat the hesitation with oils and pets. It was the tipping point for me to really start to feel comfortable using oils with my own pup, Presley Joy. This panel is comprised of top notch veterinarians who actually use doTERRA essential oils in their practices and have seen the incredible benefits these oils can have with our beloved pets.

let me add a disclaimer here: It’s obviously important to always check with your veterinarian before trying holistic alternatives with your pets, and please know that what I am sharing below works for me and Presley, (and now Ember) and it is information I have learned and tried as I have become more comfortable with the use of my essential oils. I also want to share that I do not stand behind the use of ANY other essential oil other than doTERRA. The oils and blends below are strictly doTERRA and I trust and know their quality and purity. So pretty please do not try my suggestions with Walmart ‘essential oils!’

Introducing Presley to one of her favorites, doTERRA Lavender.

introducing oils to your pets…

Okay so how would you even go about introducing your pet to oils? Start with safety first. Remember that our pets are smaller than humans, so just like how you dilute essential oils with your kiddos, you’ll want to ALWAYS dilute with your pets!

To introduce an oil to your dog, and now I’m specifically talking about dogs here because well I don’t have any other animal, always start with the oil cap on. Remember that their noses are way more powerful than ours, and their smell receptors can grab the scent well with the lid on! Presley let’s me know she’s interested in an oil with tail wags, licking her lips, and staying put to let me apply the oils to her.

If your pet isn’t interested in an oil, they will likely walk away. As with humans, animals can have a reaction to oils, so here are some things you should look out for: ‘drooling, panting, eye squinting, changes in respiratory patterns, lethargy, coughing’ (doTERRA Living Magazine, pg. 25). If they have these reactions, simply stop diffusing that oil(s) and/or add extra coconut oil to dilute further.

A helpful tip when diffusing with your pets is to always keep the door open so they can choose to leave the room if desired, and to make sure it isn’t in a spot where they could knock the diffuser over. and LESS IS MORE. You will see folks add LOTS of drops of oil to their diffusers which is not only a waste, but can be too powerful for your pups. I never have more than 6 drops of oils in even my large diffusers in any room.

Oils to use caution with on your dog…

Here are a few oils to use caution with around your dogs: Tea Tree, Cinnamon, Cassia, Thyme, and Oregano. These are some basic oils to use cation with for all dogs. If your dogs have any medical conditions, such as seizures or is diabetic, there may be other oils to avoid as well. Consult the Essential Oils for Pets Guidebook from Janet Roark to learn more.

the oils speak for themselves…

Your fur babies know. Always monitor them for 20 minutes after applying essential oils to be sure they do not have adverse reactions. If they do have an adverse reaction, dilute more on the skin (if used topically). Most reactions will clear up within 24-48 hours, and certainly stop using an oil if your pet is experiencing reaction.

Likewise, if the oils are working, you will see an improvement in your pets behavior, their demeanor, and how they are feeling! They’ll be back to their spunky selves in no time or cool as a cucumber within minutes.

I’ve been using doTERRA oils with my Presley girl for the past three years and I have no intentions of stopping. I’ve been so excited to start using them with her little sissy Ember too! Presley loves them for helping with tummy troubles, keeping her calm, and sleeping at night!

She’s excited to share her favorite essential oils with you in an upcoming blog post. So stay tuned for that!

Be sure to keep me posted if you try our essential oils with your pups! And make sure you snag up my favorite resource: Essential Oils for Pets from Janet Roark. You can grab it from her website: essentialoilvet.com

Happy Oiling,
Miss Meg

miss meg’s sun spray: yarrow/pom edition

If you know me, you know my skin is FAIR and speckled with a bunch of freckles and moles. So that means that the sun and my skin do not really get along so well. Yesterday I even got a slight sunburn through like three very caked-on, thick layers of SPF 50 mineral sunscreen. You know the kind that leaves you completely white and gets everywhere? Yeah, the good stuff.

So I love to make a fresh bottle of my favorite after sun spray at the start of every summer to be prepared, just in case. And last year, I discovered a secret weapon to add to the sun spray that made it next-level amazing. I sprayed it on last night after rinsing the sunscreen off and my skin felt hydrated and was less red/sensitive when I woke up!

the recipe:

In a 2oz spray bottle mix together:
> 15 drops doTERRRA Frankincense
> 15 drops doTERRA Lavender
> 15ish drops doTERRA Yarrow|Pom
> 5-10 drops peppermint
> squeeze of Fractionated Coconut Oil
> top with distilled water

Here’s why this blend works so well: The Frankincense and Lavender both help to soothe the skin, reduce redness, and help repair damaged skin. They are the go-tos for any kind of skin issues. Peppermint helps to cool the skin and take away the sting! And lastly is Yarrow, she’s the real MVP here in this. The Yarrow|Pom helps to add tons of moisture to the skin and helps prevent that ‘leather’ feel of the skin after sunburn.

So, do wear your sunscreen. Pretty please. But keep this on hand in case you get duped by the clouds or the sun kisses your skin just a tad too long!

happy oiling,

the botanical hair game

Hey friend,

I taught a class last week sharing my favorite hair care line and thought, well shucks, I should share it here with you! I have used ALL the hair care products. You name it, I’ve tried them. But a few years ago when I was working to green-up my personal care, I decided to try the doTERRA hair care line.

I’ll be honest, I did not love it at first. I know, I know. WHAT? Turns out it had nothing to do with the products, and everything to do with the fact that I was washing my hair daily. Oopsies!

So here she is, the doTERRA salon essentials line. It’s comprised of four glorious products that I am happy I do NOT have to live without!

This luxurious line is comprised of the protecting shampoo + smoothing conditioner, the healthy hold glaze, and my personal fave, the root to top serum. All infused with yummy essential oils to not onlymake the products smell great, but protect, purify, and fortify the hair. The botanicals will change your hair game for sure.

{smoothing conditioner}
I love this stuff, it’s got a peppermint vibe and leaves your hair silky soft. Apply from the mid shaft down, leave it in your hair while you finish the shower, then rinse and soooo silky! This conditioner helps protect hair from heat damage AND from UV oxidation (which fades hair color) making it great for color treated hair! It’s loaded with natural proteins that strengthen and fortify the strands as well. Not to mention, it makes a really great shaving cream!

{healthy hold glaze}
Consider this your primer + heat shield all in one. Not only does this silk glaze protect those locks from the heat, it helps hold style + shine without feeling gunky. Apply to damp hair before styling. A dime size drop will do. Can also be used as a detangling spray or leave in conditioner when diluted with water in a spray bottle!

{root to tip serum}
This stuff is GOLD. It’s back with the peppermint vibe and helps leave your hair silky smooth. You can apply it to wet hair OR get this… even dry. I love it on dry hair to tame the flyaways or pull curls back together. I love it so freaking much!

Check out the hair line for yourself by clicking the link below! Let me know if you need help snagging it up for my 25% off wholesale price!

Happy hair days,

my favorite at home manicure

Pictured are the Red Aspen Steel Gray, Shay nail dashes. Click the picture to purchase

Already know you want to grab some before you read more? I got you.

Home manicures are gaining popularity now more than ever and so it feels like the perfect time to share my favorite at home manicure with you all! And one that is no fuss, requires no soaking, acetone, or me leaving the salon with $50 less in my pocket. I’ve been following this home manicure routine for gosh, it must be at least a year now, so I am so excited to share them with you below!

I was never really a ‘nails-did’ girl when I was growing up. I was a total tomboy and was rough and tough like my brothers so there was no time to fuss over my nails. But as I grew older, I learned to love and appreciate having my nails done. It made me feel feminine, put together, and helped make my sausage fingers look a little less… sausage-y.

But here’s what I hated about getting my nails done. I would go to the salon and get regular gel manicures and they would chip off within days. So I tried getting the SNS gel nails (powder dip) and while they would last longer, if they chipped, you were left with a snaggle nail until you could make it back to the salon. No bueno.

Then there was the price, and I paid attention to how much getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks was costing me. Ouch. When I really buckled down on my debt journey about a year ago (that’s a story for another day) I realized that this wasn’t working and having my nails done wasn’t worth the $50 that could be going on a debt.

So for a while I tried the Kiss Impress nails and while the glue-on ones are better than the gel, squishy sticker ones (all proper terms), I wasn’t super pleased with how long they lasted and the color/size/shape options.

And then one beautiful day, I was totally influenced on Instagram by @jasminerayhairco and ordered my first set of Red Aspen Nail dashes, and this is where my nail game changed forever.

Meet the Red Aspen Nail Dashes:

The Red Aspen nail dash kits are press-on nail kits that come with everything you need to get the perfect home mani. They include a cuticle press, nail file, glue, and various sizes of nails to make sure every nail has the perfect fit! They only thing not included is an alcohol prep pad, but I don’t use those anyway so…

Here’s what I freaking love about them:
> They are cruelty-free, sulfate free, Phthalate free, Paraben free, Gluten free, Vegan
> They are super easy to supply, do not damage your nails, you can apply them in minutes
> They are REUSABLE (oh yeah!)
> They are a fraction of the salon cost, ranging in price from $13 – $20.
> They come in a variety of shapes, lengths, and finishes.

I cannot recommend them enough and my girl gang is all about them too. And lucky for you, if you’re inspired to try these like I was, I’ve got the hookup for ya! You can snag yourself a set of dashes right here by using my affiliate link! Dash me Baby!

So if you love the look of a good mani, but can’t get to your nail salon due to quarantine life, be sure to give these little babes a try and let me know what you think!

With love,
Miss Meg

the hardest part of being a dance teacher

It starts the same every day. The alarm goes off. He sighs and I hear the dog yawn and stretch. The water turns on. The closet door creaks, and that’s when I roll over. He heads to the coffee pot, laces his boots, and shuts the door. It’s quiet again. Sometimes I get a ‘babe, I fed the dog,’ and occasionally I get the sweetest kiss on the cheek. I live for that kiss on the cheek, but he knows I’m tired, so he tries to never wake me.

Fifteen hours later…

The dog barks. I walk in the door. I set down my things, and get covered in sloppy Presley kisses. I peek my head in the bedroom and he’s out like a light. I sigh. I set the coffee pot for the morning, and run through the same bedtime routine. Sometimes he wakes up, but most nights I just slip into bed, quietly, because I know he’s tired, and I try to never wake him.

The hardest part of owning a dance studio is not answering endless e-mails or fielding numerous messages a day. It’s not picking out music and choreographing routines. It’s not hearing ‘miss meg’ endless times a day or rubbing tiny ankles where tap shoes have kicked. It’s not catching up on book work, or running social media, or cleaning up endless amounts of hair on the dance floor (so. much. hair).

It’s missing dinner, not hearing ‘how was your day,’ and longing for hugs.

It’s consecutive days and nights of two ships passing in the night. Of surviving off of a few text messages a day, the occasional phone call, and I don’t know how many ‘I miss you’s’.

I remember when I wanted to open the dance studio, one of my dance teachers told me this would be the hardest part. And that if and when I had children it would be even harder. And she was right. But the truth is, I would not change it for the world. I absolutely love what I do… and I am thankful everyday for Mr Miss Meg and the sacrifices he makes so I can continue to live my dream.

…because the hardest part of being a dance teacher, is being the person waiting at home for them.

my best tip for actually using your oils

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Photography CNY

Let me play out a scenario for you: You are purging an area of your home or, like me last week, you dump the entire contents of your purse out on your kitchen table as if it threw up everywhere and say, ‘huh! I forgot that was in there!’ Yeah, you know the moment. Then you find that lip balm you were looking for and immediately apply, and since you also found your roller of Adaptiv in the depths of your purse, you decide ‘meh, what the heck might as well slap some of this on while we’re at it.’ Am I right? I’m right, be honest.

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is the biggest factor in whether or not we are actually using our essential oils (or taking our vitamins, or using those veggies in the fridge, or literally anything applies here). If we don’t simplify the process and make them easily accessible to us, we will not use them. And when we don’t use them, we’re sad. And no one has time to be sad and oil-less.

so what’s an oil enthusiast to do about this…

My number one tip for actually using your oils, is to leave them out where you will SEE them. The BEST thing you can do when you first get your essential oils, or right now if you haven’t yet, is to create oil stations throughout your home. Oil stations are just that, stations where you keep your oils, organized by room/use etc. that make them visible to you and therefore easier to use. For example, oils like Yarrow/Pom, Frank, and my scar blend, the oils I use at night as part of my evening skincare routine, are stored right in my master bath cabinet. Because, and I don’t know about you, but I wash my face in my master bath, not another room in the house…

Likewise, all of my herbal oils that are often used in cooking are stored in the kitchen, because well, I don’t cook in the bathroom… you get the idea right!?

Now total disclaimer here, there are MANY people that leave every single one of their oils in one space. They have cute drawers, or shelves, or fancy schmancy oil boxes (okay I DO have all of those), in one room of their house and every oil stays there. And if that works for you, GREAT! If it doesn’t, you’re in good company. Essential oils have to be used in small amounts frequently to get the best benefit of them, so having them with me in each room where I need them is the BEST way for me to do just that… use them.

the rest of my oil stations…

If you’ve ever been to my house, you know there are tiny amber bottles in every. single. room. They are in oil stations perfectly curated to make sure I am using my oils. Below are the rest of the oil stations I have all over my house. Not all of them are pictured, but I describe them each below! I hope this helps to guide you if you choose to create stations like these in your home also!

{1} the citrus station

Picture courtesy of Magnolia Photography CNY

This little triangle shelf found at… I can’t remember where… is cozy in my kitchen between my refrigerator and where I store my drinking glasses. Adding citrus oils to your water has incredible health benefits and so it makes the most sense to have them out in a place where I am refilling my water. Similarly, I have my favorite citrus oils next to my desk at the dance studio also – where I can add them to my water with each fill up while I’m there!

{2} the kitchen cabinet station

This station has all of the oils I like to use on a daily basis. The oils that I usually drop in the kitchen diffuser, ones I use to clean the kitchen with, ones I keep on hand to make blends with, etc. It’s the place where I keep ‘all my oils’ that aren’t in my other oil stations. Ha! Seriously, Meg? The oils are stored here on an acrylic nail polish rack I got from amazon (linked here).

I also keep all of my supplements here as well, including my doTERRA Lifelong Vitality. The best of the best of the best supplements you can find.

{3} the night crew

This little beauty is on my nightstand. I found this little tray in the Hearth + Hand section of Target almost a year ago and it’s the perfect size to hold the oils I use to help me fall asleep AND the ones I use to wake me up in the morning. Serenity, Breathe, Vetiver, and Peppermint all live here. I’ll share more about the oils I use for sleep and why in another post sometime soon! Keeping them right on the nightstand simplifies my evening routine. I even have some other incredible products in my nightstand drawer including: my doTERRA spa chap stick, the Breathe vapor stick, and the spa body butter.

{4} the fancy schmancy drawer

I am so sad I don’t have a photo of this. Ugh, I’m the worst. Especially considering this is my F A V O R I T E drawer you guys! In here you’ll find the oils I often take internally and make wellness tea with, ALL of the throat drops, PB Assist Jr probiotics, and my OnGuard sanitizing mist. This drawer makes it so practical to grab and go. I love it!

{5} the stockpile

Maybe you don’t have a space like this yet, and that’s totally okay! But, I may or may not be an oil hoarder and that means I need a place to store them all! I found this super sweet mini chicken coop at The Weathered Thread (they don’t have a website just yet but you can find them on social)! It holds all of my unopened bottles just perfectly, and it’s nice to be able to see everything so I don’t order extras of what I don’t need … oh wait. #guilty

{6] diffuser stations

Diffuser stations are probably the easiest station you can set up in your home and I have one in every room. Get yourself a little tray, a cake stand, or a charger plate to set your diffuser on. Find a decorative pitcher to leave full near your diffuser to make filling it up a breeze. And of course, don’t forget to leave your favorite oils to diffuse right alongside it.

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn. This is like the ‘Marie Kondo-ing’ of the oil world, and it’s time to get your oils in order since we know they already spark joy for you! I want you to focus on one room at a time. The easiest way to do this is to get all of your oils in one place and then sort them by when you use them/where. Then create mini stations around your home that are not only cute to look at, which will inspire you to use them, but are practical! When our oils are in our sight and at the ready we will grab them, use them, and most importantly, BENEFIT from them.

And once you do, don’t forget to share your oil stations with me! You can share them on social media, but be sure to tag me so I see them (@missmegsessentials).

with love,
Miss Meg