miss meg’s sun spray: yarrow/pom edition

If you know me, you know my skin is FAIR and speckled with a bunch of freckles and moles. So that means that the sun and my skin do not really get along so well. Yesterday I even got a slight sunburn through like three very caked-on, thick layers of SPF 50 mineral sunscreen. YouContinue reading “miss meg’s sun spray: yarrow/pom edition”

the hardest part of being a dance teacher

It starts the same every day. The alarm goes off. He sighs and I hear the dog yawn and stretch. The water turns on. The closet door creaks, and that’s when I roll over. He heads to the coffee pot, laces his boots, and shuts the door. It’s quiet again. Sometimes I get a ‘babe,Continue reading “the hardest part of being a dance teacher”

my best tip for actually using your oils

Let me play out a scenario for you: You are purging an area of your home or, like me last week, you dump the entire contents of your purse out on your kitchen table as if it threw up everywhere and say, ‘huh! I forgot that was in there!’ Yeah, you know the moment. ThenContinue reading “my best tip for actually using your oils”

hey, I’m new here.

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I have been thinking on it, praying on it, feeling excited about it, changing my mind on it, doubting it, seeking approval for it. I have felt all the feels about this moment. I have been worried about the thoughts of others surrounding thisContinue reading “hey, I’m new here.”