my wellness routine

Since I began my journey to wellness and started sharing the doTERRA lifestyle, the most frequently asked question I get is ‘what does your daily routine look like?’ And in this current climate, ‘what are you doing to support your body against, you know, the virus that shall not be named.’ Honestly it makes me so sad and frustrated so I like to refer to it in the same way we refer to ‘Voldermort.’ Because, relatable. So I thought it was the perfect time to share!

Let me first start by saying, I am not perfect. I will share a lot of the things that I do and TRY to do, but when it comes to food, you know your girl is always down for the occasional chicken wings and french fries. I have incredible mentors and friends alike who have shared their knowledge and habits with me that I have tried to grab hold of. So please know that I practice what I preach MOST of the time, but that’s what I love about this space and community, that I am on the journey alongside you. So I do NOT claim to know it all, or successfully do it all, all the time. That’s why it’s a journey. Just your crazy local dance teacher on a journey to live a more toxin-free life.

> I begin each morning by drinking 8-16oz of water before my feet even hit the ground (or at least before my first sip of coffee)! I take a water bottle to bed with me so it’s on the nightstand ready for me when I wake. I learned this trick from my friend Kara Swanson of Life Well Lived.
> I take one doTERRA Terrazyme + one Mito2Max with my water. This helps my body to continue digesting/cleansing from the night before, and jump starts my day with clean bioavailable energy.
> A newly added part of my routine, since March, has been taking one DDR Prime Cellular complex blend and one OnGuard+ softgel. I take these for a more elevated approach to my daily immune support.
> Balance + Rose essential oil over my heart and on the bottoms of my feet to ground my day.
> Arise + Black Spruce in the diffuser (or any of your favorite wake up blends).

Miss Meg’s Daily Immune Support

10 Frankincense
10 OnGuard
5 Arborvitae
5 Copaiba
Top with FCO


10 Frankincense
10 Lemongrass
10 OnGuard
10 Oregano
10 Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
10 Arborvitae
Top with FCO

back to the routine…

This is where I sometimes workout. Or walk my dogs. I don’t always succeed at this part, but I always feel better when I do this! I usually grab some Motivate Touch or some Breathe to help get me pumped up and keep my airways open for a great workout!

> Post shower, I swipe my immune support blend down my spine. I rotate between the following blends(I’ll share recipes below): Stronger/OnGuard, custom daily immune roller, FLOOMA.
> About 15-30 minutes after breakfast, I grab my Lifelong Vitality supplement Trio. I take another Terrazyme whole food digestive enzyme as well (one at each meal).
> I also take the following additional supplements: Mary Ruth’s Organics D3 + B12, Zinc, Turmeric dual chamber capsules.
> Fill the diffusers in the rest of the house.
> Drink my water with citrus oil of choice. I’ve been crushing on Tangerine lately.

> Second dose of my Lifelong Vitality Supplements with lunch + one more Mito2max to encourage the energy for a long night of dance ahead.
> Reapply OnGuard/Stronger touch before heading to the studio.
> Pick my afternoon blends of choice to balance my mood and emotions before work: Adaptiv, Balance, Magnolia, Passion. These are just some of my favorite blends.
> Diffuser on when I get to the studio. Onguard + Lemon, Purify, Balance.

> Evening supplements down the hatch: DDR prime softgel, OnGuard+ softgel, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, Triease softgel (allergy blend). Sometimes I will take an OnGuard throat drop to bed for extra immune boost.
> Sleep supplements, this is so important for me. One Adaptiv capsule + one Copaiba softgel. The only thing that helps calm my restless, wandering mind and allows me to sleep.
> Oils on the dogs so they sleep well, Copaiba or Adaptiv.
> Balance + Bergamot in the diffuser (or Serenity, or Vetiver + Balance).
> humidifier (new from doTERRA) on with Breathe pumping.
> same immune blends as above on my toes + spine
> TV off. I’m putting this here to remind myself that this is important…

So there it is! Sure, it seems like a lot. But my habits are stackable. My oils are out, readily available to grab. When I follow my routine, I feel like a million bucks. I have more energy, I feel more connected, grounded, relaxed. I feel prepared and I certainly feel less anxious about the environment around me. And it changes from time to time. And there are other things not included, like my nightly face routine that I only sometimes do because I am lazy… I said it. But I do what works for me!

Do you have a wellness routine? Do you have those non-negotiable things that help you feel well and at your best daily? I’d love to hear about it. And I’d love to help you create one if you haven’t just yet.

With love,

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