basic oil safety for pups

So you’ve heard you can use oils with your pet, but you’re a little hesitant to start? I totally understand this! After all, our fur babies are our FAMILY and we want the best for them. And we have heard the horror stories of pets and oils before right?! So why would you ever consider using them with your best pals…

Because they work. They can offer digestive relief, inflammation support, calm the nerves, and SO much more. Don’t let your fear of what you’ve heard stop you from educating yourself on the benefits that PURE doTERRA essential oils can have with your pets. doTERRA recently added a full veterinary panel to their team to help combat the hesitation with oils and pets. It was the tipping point for me to really start to feel comfortable using oils with my own pup, Presley Joy. This panel is comprised of top notch veterinarians who actually use doTERRA essential oils in their practices and have seen the incredible benefits these oils can have with our beloved pets.

let me add a disclaimer here: It’s obviously important to always check with your veterinarian before trying holistic alternatives with your pets, and please know that what I am sharing below works for me and Presley, (and now Ember) and it is information I have learned and tried as I have become more comfortable with the use of my essential oils. I also want to share that I do not stand behind the use of ANY other essential oil other than doTERRA. The oils and blends below are strictly doTERRA and I trust and know their quality and purity. So pretty please do not try my suggestions with Walmart ‘essential oils!’

Introducing Presley to one of her favorites, doTERRA Lavender.

introducing oils to your pets…

Okay so how would you even go about introducing your pet to oils? Start with safety first. Remember that our pets are smaller than humans, so just like how you dilute essential oils with your kiddos, you’ll want to ALWAYS dilute with your pets!

To introduce an oil to your dog, and now I’m specifically talking about dogs here because well I don’t have any other animal, always start with the oil cap on. Remember that their noses are way more powerful than ours, and their smell receptors can grab the scent well with the lid on! Presley let’s me know she’s interested in an oil with tail wags, licking her lips, and staying put to let me apply the oils to her.

If your pet isn’t interested in an oil, they will likely walk away. As with humans, animals can have a reaction to oils, so here are some things you should look out for: ‘drooling, panting, eye squinting, changes in respiratory patterns, lethargy, coughing’ (doTERRA Living Magazine, pg. 25). If they have these reactions, simply stop diffusing that oil(s) and/or add extra coconut oil to dilute further.

A helpful tip when diffusing with your pets is to always keep the door open so they can choose to leave the room if desired, and to make sure it isn’t in a spot where they could knock the diffuser over. and LESS IS MORE. You will see folks add LOTS of drops of oil to their diffusers which is not only a waste, but can be too powerful for your pups. I never have more than 6 drops of oils in even my large diffusers in any room.

Oils to use caution with on your dog…

Here are a few oils to use caution with around your dogs: Tea Tree, Cinnamon, Cassia, Thyme, and Oregano. These are some basic oils to use cation with for all dogs. If your dogs have any medical conditions, such as seizures or is diabetic, there may be other oils to avoid as well. Consult the Essential Oils for Pets Guidebook from Janet Roark to learn more.

the oils speak for themselves…

Your fur babies know. Always monitor them for 20 minutes after applying essential oils to be sure they do not have adverse reactions. If they do have an adverse reaction, dilute more on the skin (if used topically). Most reactions will clear up within 24-48 hours, and certainly stop using an oil if your pet is experiencing reaction.

Likewise, if the oils are working, you will see an improvement in your pets behavior, their demeanor, and how they are feeling! They’ll be back to their spunky selves in no time or cool as a cucumber within minutes.

I’ve been using doTERRA oils with my Presley girl for the past three years and I have no intentions of stopping. I’ve been so excited to start using them with her little sissy Ember too! Presley loves them for helping with tummy troubles, keeping her calm, and sleeping at night!

She’s excited to share her favorite essential oils with you in an upcoming blog post. So stay tuned for that!

Be sure to keep me posted if you try our essential oils with your pups! And make sure you snag up my favorite resource: Essential Oils for Pets from Janet Roark. You can grab it from her website:

Happy Oiling,
Miss Meg

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