miss meg’s sun spray: yarrow/pom edition

If you know me, you know my skin is FAIR and speckled with a bunch of freckles and moles. So that means that the sun and my skin do not really get along so well. Yesterday I even got a slight sunburn through like three very caked-on, thick layers of SPF 50 mineral sunscreen. You know the kind that leaves you completely white and gets everywhere? Yeah, the good stuff.

So I love to make a fresh bottle of my favorite after sun spray at the start of every summer to be prepared, just in case. And last year, I discovered a secret weapon to add to the sun spray that made it next-level amazing. I sprayed it on last night after rinsing the sunscreen off and my skin felt hydrated and was less red/sensitive when I woke up!

the recipe:

In a 2oz spray bottle mix together:
> 15 drops doTERRRA Frankincense
> 15 drops doTERRA Lavender
> 15ish drops doTERRA Yarrow|Pom
> 5-10 drops peppermint
> squeeze of Fractionated Coconut Oil
> top with distilled water

Here’s why this blend works so well: The Frankincense and Lavender both help to soothe the skin, reduce redness, and help repair damaged skin. They are the go-tos for any kind of skin issues. Peppermint helps to cool the skin and take away the sting! And lastly is Yarrow, she’s the real MVP here in this. The Yarrow|Pom helps to add tons of moisture to the skin and helps prevent that ‘leather’ feel of the skin after sunburn.

So, do wear your sunscreen. Pretty please. But keep this on hand in case you get duped by the clouds or the sun kisses your skin just a tad too long!

happy oiling,

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