the botanical hair game

Hey friend,

I taught a class last week sharing my favorite hair care line and thought, well shucks, I should share it here with you! I have used ALL the hair care products. You name it, I’ve tried them. But a few years ago when I was working to green-up my personal care, I decided to try the doTERRA hair care line.

I’ll be honest, I did not love it at first. I know, I know. WHAT? Turns out it had nothing to do with the products, and everything to do with the fact that I was washing my hair daily. Oopsies!

So here she is, the doTERRA salon essentials line. It’s comprised of four glorious products that I am happy I do NOT have to live without!

This luxurious line is comprised of the protecting shampoo + smoothing conditioner, the healthy hold glaze, and my personal fave, the root to top serum. All infused with yummy essential oils to not onlymake the products smell great, but protect, purify, and fortify the hair. The botanicals will change your hair game for sure.

{smoothing conditioner}
I love this stuff, it’s got a peppermint vibe and leaves your hair silky soft. Apply from the mid shaft down, leave it in your hair while you finish the shower, then rinse and soooo silky! This conditioner helps protect hair from heat damage AND from UV oxidation (which fades hair color) making it great for color treated hair! It’s loaded with natural proteins that strengthen and fortify the strands as well. Not to mention, it makes a really great shaving cream!

{healthy hold glaze}
Consider this your primer + heat shield all in one. Not only does this silk glaze protect those locks from the heat, it helps hold style + shine without feeling gunky. Apply to damp hair before styling. A dime size drop will do. Can also be used as a detangling spray or leave in conditioner when diluted with water in a spray bottle!

{root to tip serum}
This stuff is GOLD. It’s back with the peppermint vibe and helps leave your hair silky smooth. You can apply it to wet hair OR get this… even dry. I love it on dry hair to tame the flyaways or pull curls back together. I love it so freaking much!

Check out the hair line for yourself by clicking the link below! Let me know if you need help snagging it up for my 25% off wholesale price!

Happy hair days,

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