my best tip for actually using your oils

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Photography CNY

Let me play out a scenario for you: You are purging an area of your home or, like me last week, you dump the entire contents of your purse out on your kitchen table as if it threw up everywhere and say, ‘huh! I forgot that was in there!’ Yeah, you know the moment. Then you find that lip balm you were looking for and immediately apply, and since you also found your roller of Adaptiv in the depths of your purse, you decide ‘meh, what the heck might as well slap some of this on while we’re at it.’ Am I right? I’m right, be honest.

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is the biggest factor in whether or not we are actually using our essential oils (or taking our vitamins, or using those veggies in the fridge, or literally anything applies here). If we don’t simplify the process and make them easily accessible to us, we will not use them. And when we don’t use them, we’re sad. And no one has time to be sad and oil-less.

so what’s an oil enthusiast to do about this…

My number one tip for actually using your oils, is to leave them out where you will SEE them. The BEST thing you can do when you first get your essential oils, or right now if you haven’t yet, is to create oil stations throughout your home. Oil stations are just that, stations where you keep your oils, organized by room/use etc. that make them visible to you and therefore easier to use. For example, oils like Yarrow/Pom, Frank, and my scar blend, the oils I use at night as part of my evening skincare routine, are stored right in my master bath cabinet. Because, and I don’t know about you, but I wash my face in my master bath, not another room in the house…

Likewise, all of my herbal oils that are often used in cooking are stored in the kitchen, because well, I don’t cook in the bathroom… you get the idea right!?

Now total disclaimer here, there are MANY people that leave every single one of their oils in one space. They have cute drawers, or shelves, or fancy schmancy oil boxes (okay I DO have all of those), in one room of their house and every oil stays there. And if that works for you, GREAT! If it doesn’t, you’re in good company. Essential oils have to be used in small amounts frequently to get the best benefit of them, so having them with me in each room where I need them is the BEST way for me to do just that… use them.

the rest of my oil stations…

If you’ve ever been to my house, you know there are tiny amber bottles in every. single. room. They are in oil stations perfectly curated to make sure I am using my oils. Below are the rest of the oil stations I have all over my house. Not all of them are pictured, but I describe them each below! I hope this helps to guide you if you choose to create stations like these in your home also!

{1} the citrus station

Picture courtesy of Magnolia Photography CNY

This little triangle shelf found at… I can’t remember where… is cozy in my kitchen between my refrigerator and where I store my drinking glasses. Adding citrus oils to your water has incredible health benefits and so it makes the most sense to have them out in a place where I am refilling my water. Similarly, I have my favorite citrus oils next to my desk at the dance studio also – where I can add them to my water with each fill up while I’m there!

{2} the kitchen cabinet station

This station has all of the oils I like to use on a daily basis. The oils that I usually drop in the kitchen diffuser, ones I use to clean the kitchen with, ones I keep on hand to make blends with, etc. It’s the place where I keep ‘all my oils’ that aren’t in my other oil stations. Ha! Seriously, Meg? The oils are stored here on an acrylic nail polish rack I got from amazon (linked here).

I also keep all of my supplements here as well, including my doTERRA Lifelong Vitality. The best of the best of the best supplements you can find.

{3} the night crew

This little beauty is on my nightstand. I found this little tray in the Hearth + Hand section of Target almost a year ago and it’s the perfect size to hold the oils I use to help me fall asleep AND the ones I use to wake me up in the morning. Serenity, Breathe, Vetiver, and Peppermint all live here. I’ll share more about the oils I use for sleep and why in another post sometime soon! Keeping them right on the nightstand simplifies my evening routine. I even have some other incredible products in my nightstand drawer including: my doTERRA spa chap stick, the Breathe vapor stick, and the spa body butter.

{4} the fancy schmancy drawer

I am so sad I don’t have a photo of this. Ugh, I’m the worst. Especially considering this is my F A V O R I T E drawer you guys! In here you’ll find the oils I often take internally and make wellness tea with, ALL of the throat drops, PB Assist Jr probiotics, and my OnGuard sanitizing mist. This drawer makes it so practical to grab and go. I love it!

{5} the stockpile

Maybe you don’t have a space like this yet, and that’s totally okay! But, I may or may not be an oil hoarder and that means I need a place to store them all! I found this super sweet mini chicken coop at The Weathered Thread (they don’t have a website just yet but you can find them on social)! It holds all of my unopened bottles just perfectly, and it’s nice to be able to see everything so I don’t order extras of what I don’t need … oh wait. #guilty

{6] diffuser stations

Diffuser stations are probably the easiest station you can set up in your home and I have one in every room. Get yourself a little tray, a cake stand, or a charger plate to set your diffuser on. Find a decorative pitcher to leave full near your diffuser to make filling it up a breeze. And of course, don’t forget to leave your favorite oils to diffuse right alongside it.

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn. This is like the ‘Marie Kondo-ing’ of the oil world, and it’s time to get your oils in order since we know they already spark joy for you! I want you to focus on one room at a time. The easiest way to do this is to get all of your oils in one place and then sort them by when you use them/where. Then create mini stations around your home that are not only cute to look at, which will inspire you to use them, but are practical! When our oils are in our sight and at the ready we will grab them, use them, and most importantly, BENEFIT from them.

And once you do, don’t forget to share your oil stations with me! You can share them on social media, but be sure to tag me so I see them (@missmegsessentials).

with love,
Miss Meg

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