hey, I’m new here.

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I have been thinking on it, praying on it, feeling excited about it, changing my mind on it, doubting it, seeking approval for it. I have felt all the feels about this moment. I have been worried about the thoughts of others surrounding this moment… but it is not theirs but mine and so, {big inhale, and exhale}, here it is…

Photo: Fausel Imagery

Hey, I’m Meg Libous, but I more affectionately hold the title of ‘miss meg,’ so we’ll use that from here on out… and I am the face behind miss megs essentials. I am a dance studio owner, a dog mom, fluent in American Sign Language, an essential oil enthusiast, and I get to share my life with the one and only mr. miss meg.

The role of miss meg is a big and beautiful responsibility. It is both a wonderful honor and absolutely terrifying to be such an influence to so many lives, especially young ones. There are always tender hearts and impressionable minds watching…

And that’s what lead me to this, the birth of my blog, and this very special space. A space where I can share what it’s like to be miss meg with you, and probably more exciting to you, share my favorite ‘essentials’ that make me, me.

My hope for the miss megs essentials blog is to be able to share so much more than a simple social media caption can. My goal is to create content that you value regarding life, oils, dance, and all the things, while also sharing what’s on my heart, since it’s already on my sleeve.

Be sure to leave a note below and subscribe to the blog so we can keep in touch!
Thanks for being here friend!

With love,
Miss Meg

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