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  • my wellness routine
    Sure, it seems like a lot. But my habits are stackable. My oils are out, readily available to grab. When I follow my routine, I feel like a million bucks. I have more energy, I feel more connected, grounded, relaxed. I feel prepared and I certainly feel less anxious about the environment around me.
  • basic oil safety for pups
    So you’ve heard you can use oils with your pet, but you’re a little hesitant to start? I totally understand this! After all, our fur babies are our FAMILY and we want the best for them. And we have heard the horror stories of pets and oils before right?! So why would you ever considerContinue reading “basic oil safety for pups”
  • miss meg’s sun spray: yarrow/pom edition
    If you know me, you know my skin is FAIR and speckled with a bunch of freckles and moles. So that means that the sun and my skin do not really get along so well. Yesterday I even got a slight sunburn through like three very caked-on, thick layers of SPF 50 mineral sunscreen. YouContinue reading “miss meg’s sun spray: yarrow/pom edition”


for I am fearless,

and therefore powerful.’

Mary Shelley

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